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Oregon Sunstone is quickly becoming one of the most desired and sought after gems on the market today. Because of its rarity and the small quantity of gem quality Oregon Sunstone available, notoriety was slow in coming for this incredible treasure.

But the enchanting beauty of this 100% pure and natural, American gemstone, has caught on, and Oregon Sunstone is now being found in fine jewelry collections and elite jewelry boutiques everywhere.

Welcome to Suncrystal Mining. Suncrystal is one of the newest mines in the Plush/Harney County sunstone district, located in an area proven to produce fine red and bi-color sunstones.

Although we are in business to produce Oregon Sunstone for our own use and production by other fine jewelers, we will offer fee digging to the public for 2-4 weeks during the mining season.

Suncrystal mine offers Oregon Sunstone rough and finished gems for purchase by the general public, at mine direct prices.

We also offer a choice selection of sterling silver and gold oregon sunstone jewelry, finely crafted by "Nirinjan", a boutique jewelry studio in Los Angeles California. Our online store is still under construction and will be available soon.

Thank you for visiting Suncrystal Mining.

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